Ravi Deshpande

Raj Deshpande is a student at East Chapel Hill High School. He is a technology, science, math and music aficionado. He has participated in math competitions and loves the curiosity and mystery behind solving math problems. He has been singing since age three, and is learning Indian Classical music. He has also learnt piano for 10 years. He has blended his love for Indian and Western music by participating in UNC Summer Jazz Camp, and also by blending Acapella mashups.

Ravi has life-threatening allergies to a long list of foods, including most commonly known food allergens. As a student that strongly values education, he believes that students should be able to learn safely without worrying about potential allergens. Ravi strives to bring awareness about food insecurity for individuals with food allergies through his youtube channel, Gaanasonata, and through his performances at live concerts.

Ravi’s health conditions have provided him with a unique vantage point for observing inefficiencies in healthcare delivery. His entrepreneurial interests has led him to create TreatViz, a mobile app to connect healthcare providers with patients in real time to improve patient compliance of treatment plans. Ravi’s curiosity about his own food allergies and his enjoyment of science has created a passion for Biology. He hopes that he will be able to apply his interests to help him conduct research at the intersection of Biology, Math, and Technology in the future.