Reed Pake

Reed lives with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and life-threatening food allergies to peanuts, eggs, dairy, nuts, mustard and sesame. He has been an advocate, educator and mentor in the Food Allergy space for as long as he can remember. As a teenager, Reed served as a member of FARE’s and FAACT’s Teen Advisory Groups, as a Teen Counselor at Camp TAG, and led Q&A panels at FARE conferences to help guide younger attendees on living with severe allergies.

Reed has never let his Food Allergies hold him back from fully experiencing life. Reed enjoyed his college years, taking advantage of programs that were offered by his university in both Boston and L.A. His work since college landed him first in Silicon Valley, then to his home state of N.C., and, finally, back to Boston, as he pursues his dream career.

Reed  graduated with a B.A. in Visual Media Arts and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies from Emerson College. He currently works as a Production Coordinator in the Video Games industry.