Wendy Gordon Pake

Wendy is the Founder, President, and volunteer Executive Director of FOODiversity.

After 7 years in software sales and 5 years focused on organizational development, culminating in a role with the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (1996) where she led the volunteer training project for the Games’ 40,000+ Olympic Volunteers, Wendy took on the important role of stay-at-home Mom. 

As Mom to 2 children, one with severe food allergies, Wendy’s experience with food allergies began at a time before food manufacturers labeled for allergens and at a time before medical research supported food allergy guidance for parents. In the 1990s, food allergies were not widespread among children. Where information and support were concerned, there was a rudimentary platform for online search tools and no organized support groups.

Stress and isolation characterized her early parenthood experience due to her trouble finding food to feed her baby and an overall lack of food allergy medical recommendations and information. Wendy’s vision is to prevent this stress and isolation for other Moms and caregivers, by making available safe food to feed their babies and access to information that will support their journeys, as they care for their children with food allergies.

FOODiversity was established to help these very Moms, plus the other caregivers and adults who manage dietary restrictions. FOODiversity lessens the challenges inherent in food allergy or celiac disease for those who also have the added burden of food insecurity and limited resources.

Wendy has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and an M.S. in Human Resource Development from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.